Immunotec Unveils New Branding at Annual Convention

Nutrition company Immunotec Inc. is bringing a new look and feel to its 20-year-old brand.

Consultants got a first look at the “brand evolution” during the company’s 2017 Convention, held earlier this month in Long Beach, California, and Mexico City. The Canada-based company has refreshed its logo and core product packaging and adopted a new tagline, “The Science of Living Better.” The brand icon, styled after the Y-shaped antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria in the body, will remain the same.

“Coming on the heels of last year’s 20th anniversary celebrations, we are very proud to unveil this bold, cutting-edge new look for our company, one that communicates our deep roots in ground-breaking science and equally deep expertise in network marketing,” said Charlie Orr, Immunotec CEO.

To communicate its history and mission, the company also has produced a booklet and video titled It All Started with the Immune System: The Story of a Network Marketing Company unlike Any Other. Immunotec’s scientific roots go back to the 1970s, when doctors in Montreal began developing Immunocal, the company’s flagship product. Immunocal supports immune system health by regulating the body’s levels of glutathione, the “master antioxidant” that must be present for all other antioxidants to function. The supplement has been the subject of 48 articles published in medical literature.

Immunotec now sells a range of nutrition, skincare and weight-management products, including Immunocal Platinum, a second-generation formula with added health benefits, and Cogniva, a new brain health product launched at this year’s Convention. The products are available online and through independent Consultants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom and Ireland. In 2016, sales reached an all-time high of CA$109 million.

(Source: Direct Selling News)

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